September 13th 2020

Go to  or follow the link on the Home page for live streaming

Streaming is available all the time. Let us pray for each other, for everyone in Carshalton, and for all who are affected by the corona virus – including our NHS workers.

Bank details (for anyone wishing to make an online donation:)

NatWest, Holy Cross Church, Carshalton;  Account: 11064943; sort code:  60 22 20

Last weekend, 5th /6th September

All went well. 249 were able to come to one of the Masses, divided into

Saturday 6.30pm;  43 – Sunday 8am,  , 45 – 9.30am;  55 – 11.00am;    and 45 – 6.30pm.

There’s space for 55 people, socially distanced, at any Mass.

Thanks for £572.18 given last  weekend  through the collection plate, of which £365.26 was given through Gift Aid.

Confirmation class, Tuesday 15th  September, 7.30-8.30pm

RCIA sessions Monday 8.00pm ( as government rules have changed for meetings, please make contact via the website contact form before considering attending)

Sunday, 13th September 2020.  24th  Sunday of Ordinary Time


6.30pm   Joan Barrington RIP (Duffy fam)





6.30pm   Antonio Florimundo Noronha & Maria Fabiana Fernandes


8.00am   Exaltation of the Cross

10.00am   Katy Mendelsohn (speedy recov.)


8.00am   Our Lady of Sorrows

10.00am   Tish Keegan RIP (Monica)

6.00pm   Exposition


8.00am   St Cornelius




10.00am   Phyllis Rouse RIP (Gomez family)



12.00pm   John Camilla George RIP

Saturday   8.00am

9.00am   Exposition with prayers for vocations


Confessions available on call – in car park at required distance.

Sunday  20th  September 2020.  25th  Sunday of the Year. Home Mission Sunday

Saturday   6.30pm





6.30pm   John Sebastian Lobo

We pray for all the sick including Simon Clark Philomena Coleman  and Mr Said.

Anniversaries: We pray for all who have died recently and fpr those whose anniversaries occur this week including Barbara Guiver, Tony O’Reilly, Georgina Allan, Monica Toole, Malcolm Brown, David Wolliscroft, Salome McDermott, Alan Simpson, John Keating and David Mitchell.

New baptisms: Talk to Fr Paul, or concerning preparations, contact Tim & Cherryl on cherrylhowlett  or natachacrosdale@

Missio needs your support more than ever. The autumn collection is now due. Please find your envelope in the church porch. Monies may be left in the Sacristy, or contact Alex Faircloth on 0208 770 3662 for a home collection. Many thanks.

 Warning! At one of the Masses last weekend, one communicant received Holy Communion, then found herself £35 short of her own cash when she returned to her place. Take precautions!


Just for now, Holy Cross is reopening for Mass, Confirmation and RCIA.

and all the other things that have not happened as they should in hand. This includes First Communions, UCM, choirs (suspended by the Government), Prayer groups…and much more. A little prayer will help for the success in celebrating Mass publicly, and then we can move on from there.