Parish Groups

Knights of Saint Columba

ksclogoThis is an organisation for practising Catholic laymen, which has branches in many countries throughout the world and which is dedicated to the service of the Church and its people.  The KSC is non-political and essentially democratic.  It exists to support the mission of the Church and to work for the spiritual and material good of its members and their families, through Unity, Charity & Fraternity.  The KSC is not a secret society and potential members may attend meetings.  The local group is based at Holy Cross and meets on the second Wednesday of each month, following Mass at 19:45.

For further information please visit or speak with Father Paul or please use the contact form. We will get back to you.

Union of Catholic Mothers


The current Union of Catholic Mothers has been in existence at Holy Cross for nearly 24 years, meeting every 3rd Wednesday in the month in the Parish Centre at 20:00.  The meeting is preceded by a Mass twice a year, in January and in September.

The UCM is a caring, sharing organisation and we come together as friends, sitting as a large group with Mary Thomson (President), Tina Pletts (Treasurer) and Anne-Marie Taylor (Secretary).  Our activities include fundraising and preparing food especially for the First Holy Communions in June and the  Spring Party.  We have organised quizzes, beetle drives, and an afternoon Tea at the Ritz; we used to run an annual Christmas Fayre but more recently we have instead organised a Christmas Hamper Raffle to raise funds for charity.  We arrange speakers and demonstrations.

 Objects of the UCM

1    To help Catholic married women to appreciate the Sacramental character, responsibilities and permanence of marriage, and to live in unselfish love observing the laws of God and His Church.

2    To assist them to bring up their children as practising Catholics and public-spirited citizens.

3    To teach and defend Christian values in family life and to ensure for their children Catholic education.

4    To offer love, sympathy and practical help to the family in difficulty.

5    To foster vocations in life especially in Christian marriage and family life, in the priesthood and in the religious life.

We would warmly welcome any new members to the Group.

Speak to Father Paul or please use the contact form. We will get back to you.

Living In The Spirit Prayer GroupPraying_Hands001

Are you thirsty for prayer and spiritual growth?  Do you desire to deepen your faith and relationship with Jesus?

We are a group of friendly parishioners of all ages meeting with Father Paul on the third Monday of each month in Holy Cross Parish Centre at 20:00.  Come and join us.

Please use the contact form for further information or speak to Father Paul

Visiting GroupDoves009

As a Parish community we have a duty to care for those in need in times of illness. When people become old and infirm they can sometimes become isolated and forgotten.  We will visit parishioners in local hospitals and nursing homes to ensure that they remain part of our community.

Speak to Father Paul or please use the contact form. We will get back to you.

Parents, Babies and Toddlers Group

We meet every Monday (term time only) 9.15 – 11.00 am in the Parish centre. There are a variety of toys, books and activities including crafts and Play-Doh. There is also a baby area for the youngest children. Tea and coffee are available; with toast,
fruit and a drink for the children. Each session ends with songtime. It is a popular group but space sometimes limits entry. A £1.50 contribution per child over 6 months helps towards the Group’s running costs. Volunteer’s to help with the teas and with running the group are always welcome.

Speak to Father Paul or use the contact form. We will get back to you.

Mum’s Cafec

Mum’s Cafe open 9.15 till 12.00 on Fridays( term time only & closed during Lent)
A place for mum to relax bring a friend, you can dance or chat.
Sip fresh brewed coffee, tea and have home made Patisserie.
£2 entry, kids are welcome.




We adore thee O Christ and we praise thee because by thy Holy Cross, thou hast redeemed the world.