January 6th 2019

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 Sunday January 6th 2019.  Epiphany.

 Table of the Word. Isaiah perceive a light that will become clear to all. St Paul enjoys telling the Ephesian Christians how the Gospel is meant for everyone. The pagan and Gentile world is represented by the wise men who come to Bethlehem.


6.30pm   Gerald Rowe RIP (Gomez family)


8.00am   James Rowntree RIP

9.30am   Brenda Hoey RIP

11.00am   Pierre Numa, Philip Guiho & Maimee RIP

4.00pm   Tridentine Mass

6.30pm   Thanksgiving Ann Pettingell


10.00am   Rose Hall RIP (Liz McGuire)


10.00am   Michael Dolan RIP RIP

6.00-7.00pm   Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


10.00am  Funeral : Lino Desiderii


10.30am  Funeral : Rita Webb


12.00pm   Anne & Ken Brown RIP (Liz Shheridan)


9.00am   Holy Hour + prayers for vocations

10.00am   Francis & Elena Starkai

Sunday January 13th  2019.  Baptism of the Lord

 Table of the Word. Isaiah presents the Servant. Peter Tells Cornelius of his realisation that Jesus is Saviour of all, not just the Chosen People. The Gospel tells of the aftermath of the baptism of Jesus by John.


6.30pm   Garry Harrison RIP


8.00am   Christine Cleary RIP

9.30am   Marty Ward RIP

11.00am   w/o Fr Chris O’Brien

6.30pm   Veronica & Andrew Zalof

The sacrament of Confession is available 15 minutes before every Mass.

New baptisms: Talk to Fr Paul, or, concerning the Saturday preparation sessions, contact Anne Cook, [email protected] . For weekday evening preparation sessions, Cherryl Howlett, [email protected]

Gluten free altar breads are available for consecration for anyone with the allergy. Please tell the celebrant before Mass.

We pray for the sick, including young Benjie.

 Sick or in hospital? Please tell Fr Paul of anyone sick or in hospital.

Parish safeguarding    Parish Safeguarding Team: Fr Paul Sanders, 0208 647 0022

Couples from different Christian traditions might be interested in www.interchurchfamilies.org.uk or [email protected]

Catholic Marriage Care seeks presenters/facilitators for marriage preparation courses. www.marriagecare.org.uk or [email protected]

 All Eucharistic Ministers Please check list in sacristy that it has your correct telephone number and email addresses plus the Mass you attend. Contact Christina Buckley [email protected]  or Monica Atkins [email protected] If you are unable to come on the arranged date, please try to find a replacement.

www.heavensroadfm.com = 24/7 Catholic online radio broadcasting from St John’s Seminary, Wonersh.

 Sunday (am) car parking is available at the car park in Denmark Road. Please  do not park  in the semi-circular entrance/exit in front of church, so as to enable other needful people to disembark there too.

Are you and/or your family registered? There are all sorts of reasons, for your benefit and that of the parish, that everyone be registered. See Fr Paul.

Comments Any constructive comments on liturgy or anything else, please feel free to pass them to Fr Paul.

Impoverished seminary student in Uganda. Anyone willing and able to help?

New readers needed at all Masses. Contact Jeremy via the website contact form

Leaving your phone number If you end up speaking to the answerphone in the presbytery, please give your number slowly and clearly, and, preferably, repeat it. (Quite a few calls can’t be returned because the number is unclear.)

[On weekdays, because of rosary and then Mass there is no one available between 9.40am and 10.30am; Fridays, 11.40am – 12.30pm]

Our Mission Statement We are first of all a Eucharistic community, centred on Christ, without whom we will get nowhere. We all of us have something to share with each other (and pass on), in order to discover ever more about our faith. And too we are evangelisers: Christ is Saviour of everyone.

Are you experiencing marriage problems? There is professional and confidential counselling available to couples and individuals. No matter the person or the circumstances, we’re here to listen and help. Visit www.marriagecare.org.uk or phone 0800 389 3801 to make an appointment to see a counsellor.

Anniversaries: We pray  for those whose anniversaries occur this week including Matte Doyle, Carmel Innes, Madeline Copp, Bridgget Baillie, Michael Dolan, Betty Murphy, Trudy Kirsten, Michael Dolan, Albert Dudley, Mary Jolly, Caroline Gruber, Doris Harris, Giovanni Dolce, Charlotte Tay;or, Agnes Welsh, Moses Symes, Dympna Dolan, Marie Liston, Mary Fay, and Rachel Haydon.

Winter Shelter Sutton Community Works are piloting a winter shelter in 2019 to help the homeless. Volunteers are needed. For more, email [email protected] Training events Tuesday 8th & 22nd January at Church of the Good Shepherd, 7.30-10pm, or Saturday 12th January, 9.30-2.30pm at Riverchurch, Carshalton Road.

Thanks £1048.83 given in last week’s collection, of which £643.65 was given through Giftaid.

Holy Cross Flower Team Any ladies, retired or with some spare time, are invited to join. No experience necessary. If you have time during the week to prepare for the weekend Masses, contact Christina Buckley [email protected]

Calix Society for recovering alcoholics uses the Catholic faith as a path to serenity. Cf noticeboard in porch or use [email protected]  www.calixinlondon  or text 07762570361.

 Sutton Foodbank has a list of its present needs. Go to www.suttoncommunityworks.org

Any baking required for birthday, wedding or all other occasions, contact Armel, NVQ qualified, on 0208 647 7754 or 07988 639287

Invitation to Secular Franciscan Group at St Mary’s Church Prayer Room, Croydon CR0 2AR, 4th Sunday of the month, 2-4pm.

Anyone ‘profoundly deaf’? i.e. not just hard of hearing. Mass could be celebrated at Holy Cross using sign language.

 Fairtrade (Carshalton) has got a bit slack. Anyone like to take it on?

 Folk Choir 9.30am welcomes new members. e.mail Kathy  [email protected] for more details.

Sr Gabriella Comprehensive, Lira Uganda: We have a little scheme to help build up a library at the school. Why not take a couple of books (for now, from Fr Paul), consisting of literature, and also geography, ‘trade’ books and any other useful subject, and send them out there? postal address  Fr Deogratas,  P.O. 311, Lira, Uganda.

Find the newsletter online: www.holycrosscarshalton.co.uk

Small children at 9.30am Mass   It’s too much to expect very small children to learn much from the Mass apart from the atmosphere and some melodies. So it’s planned to offer tots who have colouring pencils with them pictures to colour.

This week in the porch there’s ‘Mary, the Mother of God’. Please feel free to take one.