December 27th 2020

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 We are under tier 4 restrictions. Public Mass can still occur, but please follow the details on the Home page.

Streaming is available all the time. Let us pray for each other, for everyone in Carshalton, and for all who are affected by the corona virus – including our NHS workers.

Bank details (for anyone wishing to make an online donation:)

NatWest, Holy Cross Church, Carshalton;

Account: 11064943; sort code:  60 22 20

Please note that every Mass through the Christ-mas Octave (that is, up to & including the morning Masses of December 31st) are Christmas Masses.

Christmas celebrations

They are still fresh in our minds, as is our Christmas dinner.

We’re still not back to normal, insofar as we celebrate the New Year of 2021 shortly, and this will carry with it  a sense of solidarity as we face a common foe.

Sunday December 27th  2020, Holy Family/Christmas Mass


6.30pm   sp. int. Bridget McDonagh


8.00am   Ricky Bermudez RIP


10.00am  Ted Morton RIP (UCM)

11.00am  w/o Monica Bewick & Anne Cook, with Joseph Connolly RIP

6.30pm   Zilia De Mello RIP


8.00am   Holy Innocents/Christmas Mass

10.00am Holy Souls


8.00am  St Thomas of Canterbury/ Christmas Mass

10.00am   w/o Mary Davey


8.00am   Christmas Mass

10.00am   Doris: her friends within parish

 Thursday ( New years Eve)

8.00am   Eric Pinnock RIP

10.00am   Rosalyn Parry RIP

11.00pm   ints. McDonagh family

 Friday ( New Years Day)


12.00pm   Zilia De Mello RIP


8.00am   Mary, Mother of God

9.00am  Exposition with prayers for vocations


Confessions available on call – in car park at required distance.

Sunday January 3rd 2021, 2nd Sunday after Nativity


6.30pm   Ted Morton RIP (Iuliano family)





11.00am   Ricky Bermudez RIP


 We pray for all the sick including Stephen and Hilda Clark Philomena Coleman, Joseph Connolly and Mr Said.

Anniversaries: We pray for all who have died recently and for all those whose anniversaries occur this week including Ellen McMahon, Helena Russell, Ernest Toone, Michael Leary, Bridget Toone, Hazel McAralt, Carmell Innes, Norma Fawcitt, and Jack Yearna.

New baptisms: Talk to Fr Paul, or concerning preparations, contact Tim & Cherryl on cherrylhowlett (07590553021) or natachacrosdale@ (0208171351).

Prayer Group meets these days as a Zoom group, and every two weeks.  Contact Matthew David for more news, 07920 788949, or

Community Foodshop volunteers needed in new community foodshop offering help to low income residents, (greeting, manning counters, transportation, restocking – all with training given). Go to

Information meetings on SVP, go to membership

 Missio Please bring box contents in Missio envelopes to church.

Moving house Going: 7, chairs, 1 table, bureau,  1 hostess trolley, 1 swivel office chair, 1 exercise bike, 1 rowing machine.0208 647 6817


We are at tier 4 and coping like everyone else.

Thanks to everyone for their help with the Christmas celebrations. And which made everything go so well.

Now happy New Year to everyone, with the predictable best hope re vaccines, conquest of the virus etc,, and also for life generally