December 13th 2020

Go to or follow the link on the Home page for live streaming 

 We have  returned to tier 2 restrictions and so public worship can resume as it was before the lockdown.

Please note there is a new page with Mass sheets for the current week. – See ‘Mass sheets for the week ‘

Streaming is available all the time. Let us pray for each other, for everyone in Carshalton, and for all who are affected by the corona virus – including our NHS workers.

Bank details (for anyone wishing to make an online donation:)

NatWest, Holy Cross Church, Carshalton;  Account: 11064943; sort code:  60 22 20

Carol Service  Sunday December 13th, 4.00pm. It will be available via our streaming app. Please watch.

Christmas Masses All Masses for December 24th + Christmas Day 11am are fully booked.

Please note that every Mass through the Christ-mas Octave (that is, up to & including the morning Masses of December 31st) are Christmas Masses.

 Last weekend, 5/6 December

We were together in spirit and via human technology, though with numbers only known to the Almighty.

Please book Christmas places with Fr Paul soon.  55 people per Mass. They’re going fast.

Sunday December 13th  2020, 3rd of Advent




8.00am    Bish Shanahan RIP

9.00am   w/o Nan Waldron (Sally Marchant)


11.00am   Joseph Fernandes RIP

6.30pm   Anne Weir RIP


8.00am   St John of the Cross

10.00am   w/o Mary Dolan



10.00am   Francie King RIP (Mary Traynor)



10.00am   Priv. Intention (Mary Dolan)



10.00am   Sylvia Sills RIP



12.00pm   Philippe Lim Chin RIP



9.00am   Exposition with prayers for vocations


Confessions available on call – in car park at required distance.

Sunday December 20th 2020, 4th of Advent. Apostleship of the Sea.


6.30pm   Fitzroy Henry RIP



9.00am   Sally Burke RIP




 We pray for all the sick including Stephen and Hilda Clark Philomena Coleman, Ted Morton, Joseph Connolly and Mr Said..

Anniversaries: We pray for all who have died recently and for all those whose anniversaries occur this week including Sarah Vippond,, Norah Petri, Sheila Pope Joseph Fernandes, Gail Swann, Fr Augustus Chigodora, Iris Seale, Francis Heywood, Sylvia Sills, Angela Lay, Peggy O’Connor, Margaret McSorkey and Mary Wildey.

New baptisms: Talk to Fr Paul, or concerning preparations, contact Tim & Cherryl on cherrylhowlett  or natachacrosdale@

Prayer Group meets these days as a Zoom group, and every two weeks.  Contact Matthew David for more news, 07920 788949, or

Community Foodshop volunteers needed in new community foodshop offering help to low income residents, (greeting, manning counters, transportation, restocking – all with training given). Go to

Information meetings on SVP, go to membership

 Missio Please bring box contents in Missio envelopes to church.

Moving house Going: 7, chairs, 1 table, bureau,  1 hostess trolley, 1 swivel office chair, 1 exercise bike, 1 rowing machine. 0208 647 6817


We are at tier 2 normal.We are also preparing for Christmas, and planning to celebrate Christmas Day throughout the octave of the feast, since how many may come to each Mass is limited to 55.  Please book your place – just with Fr Paul – not because he likes bookings, but to try and prevent doubling or any confusions.