External Courses



(for Baptism Preparation, RCIA, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, which take place within the Parish please go to the menu and the relevant page on the website)


Following the closure of the Centre for Catholic Formation in Tooting, the Archdiocese of Southwark has started a new centre:

Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis

Web – aec.rcaos.org.uk

Email – aec@rcaos.org.uk


Academy of the Annunciation based in Bournemouth 

The Academy of the Annunciation [AoA]  (https://www.aoa-edu.com/) is a Catholic Institute for the New Evangelization – forming, educating, and training people to understand the Catholic faith more deeply. AoA programmes and courses help teachers and parents in finding effective and credible ways to convey the Gospel message; they help the faithful in having the confidence to stand firm and confidently explain their beliefs; and they help the newly converted as they seek understanding as they start out on their journey in faith.

All AoA programmes are designed to be an experience in the joy of learning. They provide opportunities to meet others, make new friends, share the faith, and grow in understanding.

All lectures, presentations, discussions, etc are Live and interactive  – no lonely video watching.

All AoA programmes can be completed online – no need to travel.

More information – http://www.aoa-edu.com/

or to inquire – enquiries@aoa-edu.com